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Genetic Testing and Custom Skin Formulations

DNA Strand

Your Skin, Your Code: Decode Beauty with Genetic Testing for a Truly Personalized Glow...

  1. Precision Formulation:

    • DNA testing allows for a deeper understanding of your unique genetic makeup, unveiling specific skin characteristics and predispositions, allowing our lab partners to precisely tailor skincare formulas based on YOUR unique skin. Say BYE to acne, rosacea, eczema, and skin laxity.

  2. Targeted Treatment Plans:

    • Identify genetic factors that influence aging, collagen production, inflammation and sensitivity, enabling the creation of a targeted skincare regimen that includes medical grade supplements.

  3. Preventative Care Insights:

    • DNA testing not only helps address current skin issues but also provides insights into potential future concerns based on genetic predispositions.

Click the button above to schedule your Personalized Skin Care Consult today and explore how genetic testing positively impact your skin and overall health.

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