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Now Offering Functional Medicine Programs

What is Functional Medicine?

Galvanic is ecstatic to announce the official launch of our Functional Medicine Program! Our patients know that we have always focused on patient-centered care with an emphasis on integrative and holistic modalities, so we are pleased to have a formalized FM program to now offer current and new patients.

Healthy Food

Root Cause Medicine

Explore new opportunities to improve your health and wellness by engaging in our FM clinics. We are currently treating:

  • Gut health (IBS, SIBO, Malabsorption, IBD, etc.)

  • Skin dysbiosis (Acne, wrinkles/collagen loss, scarring, eczema, melasma)

  • Stress and Neuro/HPA Axis Disorders (brain fog, anxiety/depression, fatigue, disorganized sleep)

  • Hormone imbalance (PCOS, PMDD, menopause, thyroid)

  • Weight loss/management (including metabolic syndrome and DM2 and protein calorie malnutrition)

  • Post Viral Syndromes (EBV, long haul COVID)

  • Autoimmune and Inflammatory Disorders (RA, MS, SLE, psoriasis)

  • Cardiovascular Disorders (hypertension, hyperlipidemia)


Getting Started

Our focus is to have our patients engaged in regenerative medicine with us, through root cause evaluation and treatment to restore homeostasis.

Click the Booking Portal button below and schedule your free consultation with Jessica, our Nurse Practitioner, and see if Functional Medicine can work for you!

Herbal Medicine
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