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Injectable Neurotoxins

See you later frown and forehead lines! Erase your wrinkles with FDA approved injectable neurotoxins. We specialize in both Xeomin® and Dysport® (alternatives to Botox® ) which can both be used in a variety of ways to ease wrinkles and keep you refreshed and youthful. Both Xeomin® and Dysport® utilize the same active ingredient and have the same desired effects as Botox® .

Injectable Neurotoxins

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Cheek Lift Neurotoxins

Chin Dimpling Neurotoxins

Crow's Feet Neurotoxins (Like Botox)

Droopy Eyes Neurotoxins

Forehead Neurotoxins

Frown Lines Neurotoxins

Gummy Smile Neurotoxins

Jawline Neurotoxins

Lip Lines Neurotoxins

Neck Lift Neurotoxins

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