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Laser Skin Treatments By Aerolase NeoSkin

Long gone are the days of hiding away from family, co-workers and friends after one laser treatment. Our non-invasive laser service provides a comfortable and luxe treatment experience for our patients. Aerolase Neo Elite leaves patients refreshed without any sign of treatment and the ability to apply makeup immediately after. This procedure delivers safety, efficacy, and tolerable for all skin types and ages.

Today's aesthetic patient is seeking out laser technology for the most popular cosmetic procedures - now attainable at Galvanic, thanks to the Aerolase Neo Elite.

Service Information

Please note: these services require a "Laser Consultation: Skin, Acne, Vascular, Rejuvenation" (found under Existing Client Consults) prior to procedure date. Any consult fees will be applied to the package when booked.

Click the service area below to open our booking portal and book you appointment today!

NeoClear Acne Treatment

Reduce sebum production, active breakouts and cystic lesions on face and body. Package (3 tx 20% discount)

NeoSkin Cherry Angioma Removal

Laser removal of cherry angiomas.

NeoSkin Facial and Neck Tightening

Laser facial and neck rejuvenation, lifting, toning and tightening.

NeoSkin Facial Tightening

Laser skin rejuvenation and tightening for lifting and toning.

NeoSkin Facial Veins

Laser removal of facial capillary veins. Excellent when combined with rosacea treatment.

NeoSkin Hyperpigmentation/Melasma

Face, neck, chest or body can be treated to lighten and eradicate hyperpigmentation due to excessive sun exposure and melasma. Package (3 tx 20% discount)

NeoSkin Pigmented Lesions

Removal of sun spots, benign pigmented lesions, freckles and other skin discolorations. NOT meant for mole or wart removal.

NeoSkin Rosacea Treatment

Full face laser rosacea treatment.

NeoSkin Scar Revision

Reduce and revitalize both traumatic and surgical scars.

NeoSkin Spider Veins-Legs

Veins can be successfully erased, but may require multiple treatments. Vericose veins cannot be treated with this technology.

NeoSkin Total Rejuvenation

Induce collagen and stimulate skin tightening. Works best with a minimum of 3 treatments.

Neo Toe Nail Treatment

Also known as Onychomycosis, nail fungus can be problematic. Have beautiful nails again!

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