• The staff at Galvanic understands the need for safety in these troubled times. Your health and the health of our staff are of the utmost importance. Given the recent surge in the Delta Variant, we are requiring all clients to wear a mask in our facility. If you have been vaccinated, we will request a copy of your vaccination card as a part of your medical record with us.

  • All of our staff have been vaccinated against the COVID19 virus and are PCR tested as needed.

  • The treatment rooms and equipment are sanitized between clients and most of our supplies and instruments are single-use/disposable.

  • Clients are not allowed to bring family, friends, or children into the facility during their appointment.

  • Although our office can accommodate more than one client at a time, we are currently limiting appointments to prevent unnecessary traffic in our waiting area.

Woman with Mask
Covid 19

Covid 19 Information